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Many people think its natural to slow down and do less, simply because we are not as young as we used to be.

But for most of us, this just isnt true. The main reason for slowing down is that we spend more and more of our day being inactive. It doesnt have to be that way.... LETS GET UP AND GET GOING...GET ACTIVE! ITS NEVER TOO LATE TO START AND ITS EASIER THAN YOU THINK.

workout your core, burn those calories using SPIN BIKES, STATIC BICYCLE, CROSS TRAINER and to top it all the FLOOR CARDIO.


  • Develop overall control and strength of core body muscles.
  • Improve cardiac endurance and body toning.
  • Improve upper and lower body tone.
  • Increase back mobility and strength.
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A state of the art portable clinic van, fitted with the complete range of equipment reaches you. Call : 080 41304999 / 7259185969

The co-founders
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Dr. Sitaraman Sundaresan

Master degree in physiotherapy (ortho & sports)

Dr. Sitaraman Sundaresan, holds a Degree of a Masters in Physiotherapy (Ortho & Sports) from the renounded Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka.

He also holds a Fellowship in Neurological Rehab and Fellowship in Cardiac Rehab from the Apollo Group of Hospitals, Chennai and Hyderabad.

He heads the area of sports medicine and is also the director of fitness services at physio-be-fit.

An avid runner, his interests in the area of sports medicine is vast and he runs the Dynamic Fitness Ball Program and Core-Cardio fit programs, both specialised core-training programs.

He has trained more than 500 clients in the area of core-training since its inception 10 years ago.

His interests include Knee Joint Therapies and Spine care. With an extensive research in Ankle Sprains, he uses a unique technique in quick treatment of Ankle Sprains.

080 41304999 / 7259185969
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